Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Fun Factory allows Birthday Cake, Cupcakes and Ice Cream Cups when holding a scheduled birthday party. No other outside food or drink is allowed at any time in the facility. 

2.There is an additional charge for each guest you add to your party. We count a guest as a person that will receive everything the original guests received, and any child that attends your party

3.There is no charge for adult spectators (except on Sundays). If they decide to skate they have to pay full admission & skate rental price. They do not receive the items your guests received.

4.We only accept Cash, Credit Card or Debit Cards for payment.

5.A minimum $40 Non-Refundable Deposit is required within 72 hours of booking party. The deposit is credited towards your balance. Please note all deposits and payments are non-refundable. If you need to cancel the party the deposit will be forfeited, however if you need to reschedule we can transfer the deposit up to 2 times. 

6.Any coupons or discounts must be presented at the time of deposit. They are not accepted the day of the party. 

7.Your reserved table is for 2 hours. After that time you may be asked to move to public seating where you may continue to skate at no charge if there is still time during the session.

8.If your party receives ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA, your party will be given bracelets allowing the guests to go to snack bar to get 1 slice per child or 2 per adult at a time during your party. Your Party Server will bring out ONE slice of pizza per guest during serving. Please note the ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA is only available for the guests for your party. If parents of the guests would like ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA it is an additional $4.00 per person.

9.You may arrive 5-10 minutes before your party for setup as your table will not be ready prior to that time. Confetti, pinatas, and hanging items may not be brought into the facility, however balloons and table top decorations are fine.

10.If you would like us to set up your decorations they must be dropped off 24 hours before your party.

11. Seating is provided for the Party Guests only (2 tables are provided per party). While the children are skating, adults and spectators are more than welcome to use that seating. During cake and ice cream many parties have the adults stand around the table to celebrate since this only takes a short time. If you would like additional seating for adults, there is a $25 table fee per table. If you need an additional table, please make advanced reservations. Special Requests for tables are not a guarantee on selected seating. If you have a special table location in mind it is $25.00 per table needed. 

12. Fun Factory only reserves tables if you are holding a purchased birthday party package. We do apologize for this inconvenience. 

8/25/2016 9:26:34 AM